Wallpaper 07.16

Star Wars


A little Geek Art, for this midyear.
The Star Wars universe mixed with a figure from the most famous of ancient Greece: the Venus de Milo. We find the icons of the saga as: an imperial ship of the type Star Destroyer], an X-Wing and the Death Star.

Initially, I based on two STL files [1]. You can get the Venus and the Stormtrooper helmet on the site thingiverse.com, this is a file-sharing platform for 3D printing. Finally, the simple assembly of the two elements made in Cinema4D and Photoshop has become more and more complex.

I offer 31 wallpapers on the theme of Star Wars.

[1Supported file format 3D printer and a large number of 3D modeling software

La Vénus de Milo
wallpaper - preview
La chute de l'empire