Under the pixels, my daily

The day it all started!

The images recounts a day in 9 months.

"The Mr. X apartment is located on the 3rd floor, left door, the creamy white building at end of the road from Paris to Rennes. It is a building with no architectural pretension, probably built in the fifties. When entering the stairwell, it can be seen that the acoustic insulation was not taken into account by the architect. Each landing door, reveals the life of the occupants. That said, a certain charm comes out. I rent it from 1 December 1999 with my girlfriend.

The apartment is composed of three rooms to be lived, served by a long dark corridor. To the right of the front door, there is the lounge for stopovers, for relaxation, to receive. In its extension, one can see a magnificent room, decorated with a wallpaper green meadow. The two rooms are facing due south, which is very pleasant. To the left of the bedroom is the "office". The toilets are decorated with brown wallpaper with thousands of small oppressive copper and pink flowers. The bathroom is in pastel pink tones, a pretty soft color for the morning. And finally, in the kitchen cherries tapestry struggle with furniture in rustic false.

Our day-to-day life is animated by banality, work, organization of household chores, chance, passing madness, dream, party ... and sunny Sunday. In the weekly limpness that I practice with passion, multiple of unimportant objects manifest and mock me as if they were waiting for me to shape ...

A cup of coffee, a spoon, a leaflet, a used bus ticket, a dirty glass, a cigarette is consumed in the ashtray, a mess of advertising flyers of the week, a frenzied rhythm covers the noise of the street ... All these things live before me. They may be more alive than I am. They are so ordinary, and at the same time so singular that they speak to me, interrogate me. They probably want me to play with them.

I watch, observe, scrutinize, in their structures, their shapes and colors. Then I memorize the dialogue that takes place between them. Objects have the ability to interact, but also between them and me. This exchange becomes essential. It awakens and incites the diversion of meaning, function, place ... I sow ambiguity in minds and another reality appears.

And I improvise "VJ" [1] to tell you little unimportant stories of everyday life. "

Extract from the prologue, memory of Master of Arts Plastic "Under the pixels, my daily", 1999-2000.

[1Abbreviation for Visual Jockey, that is to say image mixer. See lexicon in Art Press, "Techno, anatomy of electronic cultures", special issue n ° 19, November 1998, p.177

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